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“You can’t overrepresent an underrepresented group”

~Jermaine L. Murray

At JupiterHR, we believe that everyone should have the chance to work in an environment they love. We empower professionals by showing them what it takes to land their dream jobs.

What We Do

Career Coaching

Whether you’ve hit a wall in your career, are ready to increase your income potential or are looking for something more fulfilling, a career coaching session is designed to help you find your next professional adventure.

Resume Writing

Your resume helps tell the story of the value you bring as an employee. This service helps us refine the arc of this crucial job search tool.

Black Talent Pipeline and Branding

We offer strategies to increase the number of Black applicants in your company’s talent pipeline. By connecting with top candidates in the Black Tech community, we’ll help you hire the best and brightest without blowing your budget.

The Jupiter Network

As a member of one of the largest Black Tech communities in the world, you’ll get access to our referral network for in-demand remote tech jobs, exclusive content, industry insights, career support and more.

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