About Us

If you were to ask most professionals in tech about recruiters, many would tell you that the missing component is trust. 

Whether it’s between candidate and recruiter, recruiter and employer, or employer and (fingers crossed!) future employee, JupiterHR is a talent brand built on trust. 

Working with us will be key in fostering a culture that takes the Black experience into consideration.

A Message from Jermaine “The Jobfather”

I created JupiterHR because you deserve to wake up in the morning with excitement. You deserve your commute to work to be something that you look forward to. The mission at JupiterHR is one that is genuine. Everyone deserves a fair chance at landing the job of their dreams.

I’ve been in more interviews than I can count. I’ve held over 30 different roles across various industries, ranging from Radio to Sales, and finally landing in the field of my calling – Recruiting. Through leveraging this experience, members of our community are able to position themselves for a better understanding of what a successful career transition is

JupiterHR Values


Respect for your time, journey and process.


Building and empowering a more diverse Tech community.


Leading with understanding.


A promise to always keep it real with you.


Appreciating the value you bring to the table and making it the focal point of your application

Our Approach

Recruiting is more than just matching a candidate with the perfect role, it’s about empowering and advocating for them, too. Above all, JupiterHR is built on trust and community; helping job seekers explore the many places their experience can take them.

Our expert focus on developing and fostering Black tech talent will help to build a more diverse community, allowing professionals to bring their unique points of view along for the ride. We see you, and the unique value you’ll bring to your next role. Time is money, and we aim to maintain professional transparency with the candidates we help and the companies we source for.

Understanding who our candidates are beyond their resume—from how they spend their down time to the things that make them excited to start their work day—helps us to stay aligned and chart the path to their next professional win.

Putting Black professionals into the orbit of a dynamic and expansive workforce is our top priority. Because you deserve to love where you work.