Sourcing For Black Talent Workshop

At JupiterHR, we take pride in connecting the Black tech community with inclusive Employers.

Diversify your workforce and improve your company’s culture with our immersive program for diversity, equity, and inclusion sourcing. Led by our award-winning team of facilitators, this program offers a comprehensive and focused experience to help you effectively source and hire underrepresented groups.

Session 1: Theory​

A dive deep into the theory behind sourcing for Black talent. Discover where to look, who to connect with, and learn the best way to engage and convert leads into candidates for your pipeline.

Session 2: Tools​

An overview and lesson on our powerful Sourcing toolkit. You’ll learn about the different features and how they can help with sourcing, and get hands-on experience with a trial and error run.

Session 3: The Sourcing Jam

An interactive session where we assist your team in sourcing and gathering leads using the knowledge and tools from the previous sessions.

Session 4: Branding Online​

Learn about branding as a recruiter online. Discover best practices for creating a digital footprint and being approachable to people from marginalized backgrounds.

Join us for this powerful workshop series and gain the skills you need to attract and retain top Black talent.